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Click here to check out the upcoming events at Rain City Poetry Slam!  We have an open mic and poetry every Wednesday at Jai Thai on Broadway at 8pm.

February 2, 2019

Would You Like To Be a Featured Poet?

Maybe you’ve wanted to be a featured poet up on the Rain City stage. Maybe speaking isn’t quite your thing, and you’ve been wanting to be recognized for the art inside of you. Listen up, poets! We’re holding a Poetry Contest. Details below.  We are seeking community submissions on all kinds of topics that will … Continue reading “Would You Like To Be a Featured Poet?”

December 27, 2017

Week-Long Elegy for Biggie

by Jay Ward   Monday was the worst day, the enormity of your body sprawled across the charts, everyone hears and scrambles for pall bearers strong enough to carry legacy. Now you live.   Tuesday sanctified you in all white like the dancers in the Mo’ Money video, ignored those mad ‘cause you flagrant, ‘cause … Continue reading “Week-Long Elegy for Biggie”

December 18, 2017

A dream in which I am present in my own body

by Ashlee Haze   I have spent my life living as a ghost in the shell of a woman in reverie, I exist in a space where I am present in my own body and here it does not belong to anyone but me this body, an erasure poem void of the praise I would … Continue reading “A dream in which I am present in my own body”

December 5, 2017


by Stephen Meads   There is a baby seal in my chest. I know this because as a younger pup I was clubbed to death. My friends, all convinced they could help protect my innocence while simultaneously introducting me to the world of bright light loudness and endless floes of breaking ice. I’m pretty sure … Continue reading “Tuns-of-Fun-Dra”

November 28, 2017

Day One

by Ian Martinez   They say it was a void, That in the beginning there was nothing until God filled it, I marvel at a being so powerful it could fill something with no walls, No edges, No cycles to mark day from day. It’s splendid nonsense, Beautiful fallacy; Voids must be surrounding by things, … Continue reading “Day One”

November 7, 2017

Warriors’ Call

by Collin Edmonds To all my warriors Fight and don’t stop Grab your weapons and armor and prepare for battle Our enemy is tall but not impenetrable For hundreds of years we have fought swing our swords and making precise cuts only to find they are not deep enough But do not be discouraged Swing … Continue reading “Warriors’ Call”

October 30, 2017


by Reg-E   You can find love in this broken home. Hidden underneath beds In Closets And in other places Where we leave forgotten things.   Reg-E is a 20 year old poet and educator based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He also co-hosts and organizes the RichOak Alchemy Poetry Slam in Oakland, … Continue reading “Hidden”

October 25, 2017


by Jamey Williams   The night turns me into I am a tenebrific mess. Transforms me into a container For contemptment to fill with languor. It anchors me in the middle of an ocean Where the waves are constructed of resentment And remnants of anger. And isn’t the end of the day A perfect place … Continue reading “Night”

October 3, 2017


by Troy Cunio   why should I not sleep under whichever streetlight feels most like home? a backseat is enough for love, so why not loneliness? this is a home I can take anywhere a turtleshell that carries me this is a battered and dented bedroom where I slumber surrounded by my possessions like an … Continue reading “ODE TO SLEEPING IN MY CAR, WITH FM LULLABIES”

September 13, 2017

Design Patterns

by Alex Loret de Mola   I live my life by patterns; rituals in code and conduct that keep me safe, predictable. { A repository is a structure to access and modify data in an organized manner: a pattern you use in code to persist knowledge, to retrieve it, sometimes to suppress it. { Knowledge … Continue reading “Design Patterns”

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