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National Poetry Slam

NPS — the National Poetry Slam — is a national team poetry competition put on by Poetry Slam, Inc, and represents the highlight of the competitive spoken word poetry calendar. Teams of poets from across the country gather for a week of intense competition, leading to a competition for the best group pieces, and the overall NPS championship (a mixture of group and individual pieces).

Rain City fields a team of four each year, and the four are chosen from a series of tournament-style slams leading to our “Grand Slam” final competition. The top four participants in the Grand Slam go on to join our national team!  One alternate will also be chosen from the Grand Slam as a backup.

See our Event Format page for more information about how to qualify as an NPS representative!

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events of this type. Check back later!

Past Winners

2017 – Roma Raye, Morgain “Ms Mac” MacDonald, Ian Martinez, and Elisa Chavez; Garfield Hillson*
2016 – Ian Martinez*, Michael Alden, Anna Coumou, and Dalin Costello II
2015 – Troy Osaki*, Shelby Handler, Sara Brickman, and Rebecca Shay
2014 – Ebo Barton*, Donte Johnson, Raven Taylor, and Elisa Chavez
* Grand Slam Champion