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  • Parking- Street Parking available.
  • There are about four stairs leading up to the side entrance (which leads directly to the area where we hold the slam), but none to the front/restaurant entrance.
  • Wheelchair Access- Enter through the front entrance of Jai Thai. The entrance is on Broadway.  Our stage is, unfortunately, not yet wheelchair accessible; however, we will adjust our mic and seating space to allow all poets to perform.  Please notify our staff on show night if you require accessibility assistance to perform.
  • Lighting- House lights are on a light setting, lights above the stage. Occasionally, there is a blue spotlight.
  • Temperature-Jai Thai is a fairly large venue, so it can be a little chilly if it’s a cold night outside. Please wear peel-able layers if possible.
  • Seating is available and hasn’t been a difficulty thus far. Seating at the venue is heavy duty dining chairs, and a couple of benches to one side.
  • All ages are welcome to attend but there is no designated space for humans under 16 and there is no child care available. Please keep in mind that the show contains strong language and themes and that alcohol is served during the event. There is a chained-off area for 21+ only, but the rest of the venue is all-ages.
  • We invite those attending to please join us in ensuring accessibility for all of our community members by not bringing fragrances or scents on your clothes, hair or skin from colognes, perfume, soaps and body products.

If you’d like to chat more about accessibility on Wednesday nights at Jai Thai, please email Mike Hodges at raincityslam.gmail.com.