Rain City Slam needs your help!

In order to continue to have a low admission price of $3 while sending poets to national competitions and educating in the Seattle community, we need your support! Even $3 per month adds up!

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Our Safety Statement

Rain City Poetry Slam is committed to safety in our community for all of our members. We ask that anyone entering our community in any capacity treat the audience, poets, venue staff, Rain City community members and featuring artists as equals. We refuse to permit any act of hate, violence or bigotry on or off our stage and will ban any person or persons involved in those acts. Guests will seek and respect the bodily and creative autonomy of other community members; this includes but isn’t limited to unauthorized touching or affection, or unauthorized reproduction or communication of onstage work. Any person whose safety has been threatened in any way should report the occurrence to a member of the Rain City Poetry Slam board. The board will keep information confidential and anonymous and provide any support requested. Absolutely NO ONE is above the rules expressed here, and inappropriate, dangerous, hateful or violent behavior is unacceptable for the entire community.


235 Broadway E Seattle, WA 98102